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Profile: Food  Task: Logo, Branding, Visual Identity

Visual Identity for the Turkish cuisine kebab boutique Calif. Begun at start-up in 2011 and worked on until present, Calif now reached multi-million turnover and 3 restaurants. During this time a diverse palette of graphic materials was done, ranging from logo, stationary, menus, campaigns to many more.
The whole image comes together with the aid of the interior and exterior design of the restaurants, giving the perfect context, done by talented people at TOO Architects.[Interior Design and design choices for all architecture instances (including patterns) by: Too Architects (FB page)
Location Photography: Dan Mirica (website)]

The visual identity explores both of the Turkish ornament styles, geometric and floral, and builds a sense of natural, healthy, interesting recipes and authenticity. The geometric graphics are used only to give context, where needed, since they tend to describe the general world of Islamic visual culture, while the floral style adds identity to Calif.
For campaigns texture and photographed patterns are used blended within simple flat shapes, giving a more polished and vibrant look.