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Abstract symbol

Built on the power of geometric visuals. A sphere between two lines creates a beautifully clean aesthetic and a delicate tension. The symmetric construction of the logo gives it stability and a finishes feel.
750 Euro
Customisation of company name is included

Buying is done by requesting it trough email. Payment is done trough bank transfer or paypal. Once you buy a logo, it becomes sold out, it cannot be bought by anyone else. It will be your unique logo!

Each logo is available immediately after payment, in vectorial and raster file formats (Adobe Illustrator, vectorial PDF, Photoshop, JPG).

This logo is part of a collection of original logos ready to become your visual identity. They are not in use, nor have they ever been used in any way. They are unique symbols, born from ideas, sketching or past project briefs, and are every bit of finished and polished as a final client project.