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I am graphic designer shaping brands and visual identities. With logos, symbols and other work featured in books and exhibitions, I am passionate about creating graphic personalities that feel authentic, different and stand on their own.

Freelancing from the beginning, for the first 8 years I have been working and experimenting in many fields of graphic design - from logos, jazz posters, webdesign to wine labels. Now, after my 10th year, I use this richly mixed background in focusing on creating Brands and Visual identities.

Working internationally from Romania on projects ranging from fresh start-ups with a brand new message, to multinational corporations refining their discourse.

a few words from clients

“Victor is one of the most talented and skilled designers I have ever worked with. We worked on a number of projects together- from designing a global brand identity for XTB to making a book design for eMAG and Naspers.
I simply love working with Victor- always having comfort knowing that the work he delivers is of the highest quality."

“ The collaboration with Victor Bartis was one of rare grade, from his imaginative artistic value, his profound understanding of our needs, and to his refreshing honesty in his advice. All of this, surrounded in a contagious calm. "
“I’ve always enjoyed working with Victor and his personal view of our ideas and really want us to work together again on a new project."
“Victor is someone who blends perfectly with good ideas written in either an email or a small piece of paper. Yes, I'm convinced that "gems" are created when Victor is on board with our ideas.”

“I had the pleasure of working with Victor for the rebranding of our Corporate Identity. He is truly an exceptional graphic designer with many good ideas with deeper meaning but professional look. If you are looking into designing something special, I can only recommend him!"

what I do

Every project is different, and new opportunities for interesting design will capture my attention whatever the project. I am however focusing my general attention on a few key directions :

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Logo Naming Art direction Styleguides
Creating a logo means that your project and efforts will have a graphic “face”, with certain expressions and attitudes, and visually will speak in a certain way. This is one of the first steps in branding, alongside naming, and will position your brand in a way that it is understood as it should and paves the way for future development of your project.
Trough Art Direction I further participate in contouring the personality by developing directions & consulting for architecture, video and audio, presentations and other expressions of your brand.
❋ ❋ ❋

Visual Identity

Stationary Marketing applications Packaging Digital products Spaces +   Your business can communicate in multiple ways, standard but also otherwise, and finding ways to translate your message into graphic form is what I like to do.
Visual Identity can refer to the graphic design of the elements that further constructs your brand (for example business cards, folders, envelopes and so on), enhancing and sharpening your image, or stand-alone graphic materials (like developing a new brochure, a mobile app, creating visuals for your office and so on).

working with me

Every project starts with a brief description of your project and my involvement. This helps me evaluate and give you an accurate time&cost quote. We then start the project with a more detailed conversation, a creative brief. I ask a lot of questions that help me get to know your project better – to convey your image in the best visual form I have to know and understand it first.
I generally prefer to do this live, but you will also be able to take the creative brief online on a link I will provide.

Depending on what we're working on, I will present 2 to 3 graphic solutions in which I am confident. Accompanying them will be the reasoning behind them and simulations of what it will feel like to use them.

features & client shortlist

Romanian Design Week 2018
Design Exhibition, Bucharest, Romania

Logolounge 10

Romanian Design Week 2017
Design Exhibition, Bucharest, Romania

Logopond Book
Book, Logopond.com

Roma Design Piu
Design Exhibition, Roma, Italy

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